21 Texas Holdem Secrets the Pros Want You To Know

Many people ask me my top Texas Holdem tips.

Texas Holdem, a skill-based card game, is played online and in casinos around the globe. It is especially popular in America, which is also where it was born.

Many people yearn to win the World Series of Poker Main Event, which crowns the unofficial best No Limit Texas Hold'em poker player each year.

The 2019 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas was attended by a record-breaking 8569 entrants, who each contributed $10,000 to their entry (the 2nd highest number of entrants ever).

This means that the WSOP Main Event champion last year received more than $10 million US dollars. It's not bad for playing a silly card game, is it?

Texas Hold'em remains as popular today as ever. Dreams can still be won and lost with the flip of a rivercard. This is why it's one of the most thrilling card games in the entire world.

These are 21 tips I have learned from playing professional poker for more than 10 years.

  1. Play good cards and you will win

The #1 Texas Holdem tip I have for beginners is the most important lesson in poker. To win, you must play well at poker.

Many amateurs lose Texas Holdem because they play too many dirty hands.

In terms of numbers, you should aim to play around the top 20% of hands in a 6-person poker game and the top 15% of hands in a 9-person poker game.

Below is a chart that I created to illustrate roughly the top 20% of hands (those highlighted in yellow).

Texas Holdem tables of 10 players are common in many casinos. You can use my suggestions for a 9-player table (top 15%) in this instance.

You can also find my complete poker strategy and all my preflop poker charts in my free poker cheatsheet.

It is available for download here.

You should get rid of all the trashy stuff you have collected before it flops, such as:

84, T2 and K3

You want to be able to play strong hands, like:

AK, TT and JT

This is the foundation for any Texas Holdem strategy that wins. Do not fall for the trap of playing poor hands as so many amateurs.

To be successful in poker long-term, you must avoid becoming "bored" and keep your mind sharp.

This is a crucial point, which I cover in more detail in my most recent YouTube poker video.

  1. Poker is a game of position

Next, my Texas Holdem tip: Make sure you're playing most of your hands from the preflop charts when you are in position. But what does this really mean?

This means you should be playing as much as possible from the seats to your right of the blinds, which are known as the button or the cutoff (see chart).

This is why you should do it. It's almost certain that you will act last after every postflop street (flops, turns and rivers) if you play on the button or cutoff.

This advantage is crucial in poker as it allows you to see the actions of others and then make your decision.

This means that you have complete control over your hand.

The bottom line is the button and cutoff seats are the most lucrative in a Texas Holdem Poker game.

Remember that winning poker strategies include being able to act last on the turn, river, and flop.

This is what most recreational players don't get. It is why you should use a poker HUD when you play online. This will allow you to spot them immediately.

  1. The Most Important Texas Holdem Tip: Don't Tilt

The main reason some people fail to win in Texas Holdem is that they tilt too much. They get frustrated when they have bad luck.

They then start to play badly, by playing too many hands, too aggressively, making stupid bluffs, and making poor calls.

Do you sound familiar?

This game can sometimes be quite brutal, guys. You will see me at the gym almost every morning for a reason.

Regular exercise is what I use to control my tilt at the poker tables. Regular exercise makes me feel calmer, more rested and helps me focus at the table.

It helps me mentally prepare to play at the poker tables, where I know I will take a lot of bad beats.

It is all part of the game. This is why bad players keep returning to gamble again and again. Because Texas Holdem is a game that allows them to be lucky.

Meditation is a great way to keep your mind calm before you go to the poker table.

It doesn't matter how bad your luck has been, it is important to stay cool. Poker is a game that involves constant ups, downs, and the most mentally strong players will win.

It's #3 on my Texas Holdem list, but avoiding tilting is definitely my top tip!

Here are 6 top strategies that will help you stop tilting.

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