Six tips from the experts to win at Bingo

How to Increase Your Chance of Being a Bingo Winner

Although bingo is a game of chance and luck, there are many ways to improve your chances of winning. The numbers drawn are random and you cannot control them so there is no way to increase your chances of winning. You can improve your chances of winning bingo by using simple methods.

Be prepared early

This rule is applicable to all forms of bingo. Although it is not a scientific theory, being prepared when the first number (or the ball) is drawn will help you stay on your game. Professional athletes arrive early to ensure they have enough time to prepare for their event and be ready to perform. Although bingo is not a professional sport you should arrive early enough to buy the books and chat with your friends. Once you are settled, you will be ready to play. It's not a good idea to rush in and throw your stuff on the table before the first number is called.

Bingo ball

These tips are for traditional bingo. Traditional bingo uses a caged wheel with numbered balls that spin randomly and then draw individual cards. This is slightly different from the Lantern Club version, but don't worry! You'll find out more about it later.

Counting numbers

If you are a serious player in bingo, and have a good understanding of mathematics probability, you may use a more complicated theory that is based on predictability. The number of balls used in the game should determine how they are called. It should be a uniform distribution of odd and high numbers, low and high numbers, and numbers ending with one, two, three or four. It stands to reason that your numbers will be called more often the longer you play the game. If you have a budget, it might be a better idea to buy fewer books and play in fewer games than buying many. All players can play the same number of games.

Joseph E. Granville, a mathematical analyst, suggested that this was the best way to win in bingo. He recommended that you buy cards with even odds and evens, high numbers and low numbers and numbers that end in the single digits from 0-9. Granville suggested that you will get the same number of numbers called over time, so it makes sense for every card to have an equally distributed number. Granville's stock market investing reputation is bleak. His stock selections have declined 20% year-on-year based on his mathematical analysis skills.

The Tippett Theory

L.H.C Tippett, a British statistician, came up with a complicated theory about randomness. There is no statistical evidence to support the theory but you can decide for yourself. Tippett's theory states that the more numbers in a wheel of balls game, the more likely it is for those numbers to gravitate towards the median. If there are 99 bingo cards in play and the game is short, you should choose cards that have numbers between 1 and 99. Choose numbers closer to 45 if it's a lengthy game. Bingo players who are skilled will be able to tell which games can go longer and which ones are best decided in less calls.

Bingo from books

These tips are applicable to alternative ball bingo that uses cards or books. This is how we play here at Lantern Club, Canterbury.

As many books as possible

This tactic works best if you know your limits. There is a chance that you will miss numbers if you purchase too many books. This can lead to a loss of chances of winning. While you should read as many books and as many books as possible it is important to know your limits. What difference does buying more books make to your chances of winning? You have a 5% chance to win if there are 20 people playing in a game. If you have four books and everyone has one book, your chances of winning are 17%. You can greatly increase your chances of winning if you have more books than others. Simply divide the number of books being played by the number playing to find the odds of winning. Although this is a difficult task when there are so many people and so many books, it will give you an idea of your chances of winning.

Get to know the sizes

Many believe that it is the best way to win is to make sure there are less players. This is based on the idea that the fewer people you have to face, the greater your chances of winning. This is not always the best strategy. For example, at Lantern Club, bingo jackpots are calculated according to the number of cards played. This means that if there are less cards in play, the prize is smaller. You can play in a bigger game to increase your chances of winning big if you win bingo. You can choose your strategy.

Ask for advice from bingo pros

Talking with people who have been playing for a long time will help you to understand the strategies they use to increase your chances of winning. Talk to them about the tips and listen to their opinions. You might also find their winning strategies useful. These insights, like all the new skills we acquire throughout our lives will help you improve your game in a very short time.

You want to try your hand at winning bingo?

As mentioned above, it is impossible to know exactly what numbers will be called at any given moment. While there is no way to guarantee winning at bingo, you can increase your chances of winning. These theories are only that, theories. To increase your chances of winning, the number one tip is to be alert. It's simple: If you miss numbers, you won't win.

Club Bingo at Lantern Club is a friendly local game that allows you to learn while having fun. Our friendly members will compete for great prizes on either paper books or electronic PET devices of your choice.

Every Monday and Friday at 11am, bingo is available. Tickets can be purchased starting at 10.30am. The standard 20-game set will be available, as well as the highly popular jackpot sheet.

There are chances for players to win Woolworths Wish gift certificates, Lantern Club Reward Vouchers and a variety of groceries and homewares. Reward Vouchers can be used by members to buy games.