How to win at Online Casinos

More than 4 years of development means you will WIN and EASY.

That's correct. Play for just 4 hours and you'll win $1650. This is online play, so you can get your hands dealt whenever you like.

Although land casino play is slower, the payouts are almost the same.

Based on 50 bets and 10 hands per hour for each shoe. This is the speed at which experienced players bet.

You can test it yourself to see if it works for you.

More than 4 years of development means you will WIN and EASY.

The software 'Online' with the Predictor system(tm), is designed to help you when playing Baccarat online. With a single click, you can enter a result and the Predictor system(tm) will tell you when and where to place your next bet. It couldn't be easier.

The Predictor System will win 2 out of 3 casino shoes. This means that you can win 5% to 75% of your turnover.

Play Wint Online using the Predictor System (tm). Simply start playing at your favorite online casino, then enter the results in 'Enter Online Casino Results' by clicking the Banker/Player/Ties buttons. The Predictor System (tm) will do the rest. Before the predictions are disabled, you have access to free predictions.

"Some online casinos shuffle after each hand. How does this affect the Predictor system?

No, because the Predictor System(tm), which does not rely upon card counting or pattern recognition, isn't.