The Kirkwood stood side-by-side with NHS colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic and provided vital care for those most in need. We do everything possible to ensure that those we care for are safe and help those who are at the end of their lives to make the most out of the time they have. Playing The Big K Lottery in these times of national crisis is an easy way to support nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers who do everything they can to help our patients. You could also win great cash prizes!


It is easy to join The Big K Lottery. It costs only PS1 per week (or PS4.34 each month).

To pay by Direct Deposit, simply click on the PLAY NOW Button below and complete the registration form. Once everything is set up, we'll send you an email confirmation. Easy!


You might consider gifting a Lottery Membership to someone you care about. Give a Lottery Membership to someone special as a gift.

It's the ideal way to support The Kirkwood with a weekly prize pot of PS1,000 and a first prize worth PS750.

The gifts available in the Lottery this year range from PS5 up to PS52. We will either send you a gift card or direct to the person who purchased any PS5 gifts.

To give as a gift, please download and complete this Lottery Membership form.


The Kirkwood has a team that canvasses local communities to support The Big K Lottery.

Click here to find out how you can meet our Lottery Canvassers.

Our Canvassers will work in HD3, HD9, and WF14 starting Monday 3 May.