Minnesota Northstar Cash Lottery Strategies

About Minnesota Northstar Cash Lotto Game

Minnesota Northstar Cash 5/31 was launched on October 7, 2003. Because it is tied with Wisconsin Badger 5, a 5/31 lotto, this game has the lowest odds. You can choose from five numbers between 1 and 31 to play Minnesota Northstar Cash. There are over 2,000 drawings available to strategize and draw daily. Jackpots begin at $25,000 and can be rolled over until they win. the best minnesota gopher 5-ticket saver prize ups making money

One in 169,911 Minnesotans has the chance to win the Northstar Cash Jackpot. This makes it the best game to play in Minnesota. This compares to the odds of winning Gopher 5, or one of 25,989,600 winning Lotto America, or one of 30,821,472 winning Lucky for Life. Or one of 292,000,000 winning Powerball. Or one of 302,575,350 winning Mega Millions.