No-Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Strategy. How to Play KQ

If you are able to play the hand correctly, King-Queen can be a very lucrative hand in tournaments. It is best to fold your hand in middle and early position. It is not a good idea to try and win if your opponent has AK, AQ. Consider raising three to four times your big blind if you are in late position. Simply fold the hand if the pot is raised in front of your eyes. Make a continuation wager equal to three quarters of the pot after the flop. Most of the time, your opponents will fold and it will be uncontested that you take home the pot. You can continue playing aggressively if you hit a pair or kings and queens. A hand such as AK or AQ should not cause you to worry. Your opponents would raise the pot if they held AK and AQ. If your opponents are strong and you miss the flop, then simply fold the hand. You want to win pots in which you have a pair or higher. Also, you want to escape KQ when you are clearly defeated.

Focus on the betting patterns of your opponents and you will be able to play any hand. Keep in mind that your opponents will never know which hand you have. You should play each hand aggressively. Aggressive play can disguise your hand and cause your opponents to make bad plays. Poker is a game for people. Learn to play your opponent. To improve your game, you need to analyze as many possible hand situations.

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Fold when you are winning and fold when losing. If you get sucked out of someone or if you feel like you are on tilt, fold.

Fold often, even after you have folded thirty hands in succession. Fold until you are exhausted of folding. Fold again.

It's funny, folding is so difficult. It can be difficult to simply toss two cards to the dealer. Trust me.

A 3 and 1/2 hour drive takes me to the nearest poker room. When I do get the chance to play poker, I will actually be playing. I didn't drive three and a half hours to play poker with strangers who had questionable hygiene.

But, you have to do it if you want to win a poker session. The other players should be impatient and anxious. Let them play the garbage players that have been proven over millions of computer simulations to be long-term losers.

Yes, it can be hard to believe that a King/Jack/Ace/6 could seem like a beast after hours of playing 7/4, 6/2 and 10/3. You have to let it go, as Elsa said in "Frozen." ).

Over the long-term, the cards are even. If you are dealt ineffective hands for more than an hour, it is not your turn. It is essential that you don't suck it up. You must be mentally strong and disciplined. Wait until you get those pocket pairs or flop those straights. Only then will it be your turn.

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I'm not an expert in Texas Hold'em poker. I speak only as someone who has lost a lot of money. I believe that low limit poker is so bad that anyone can win.

You only need to have a solid foundation in starting hand knowledge, some card understanding, and a healthy supply of self-discipline. You simply have to fold.

Poker players, regardless of their level, are always on the lookout for the secret strategy or trick that will allow them to win and conquer the game. How to Win a No Limit Texas Hold Texas Tournament