Seven times a special needs toddler was hospitalized due to mould and damp in their home

A 17-month-old girl's mother is in despair after her mold-infested home sent her daughter to hospital for the seventh consecutive time.

Samantha Pugh, 36, from Cheltenham, spoke out to Gloucestershire Live in October. She was so upset that her landlord had not taken action to fix the problems with her property. Miss Pugh and her children would end up in hospital again.

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Miss Pugh was not surprised to find that her little girl, who had a respiratory condition, was admitted to the children's high dependency unit for five days last week.

Miss Pugh stated: My little girl Siena was admitted to the hospital for a severe respiratory infection that was affecting her lungs.

We were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, December 1, and discharged Monday morning.

Sienna's consultant visited her and asked if she had moved us yet.

The mother of three, who lives apart from her father, has tried to keep her baby girl safe at home.

Sienna was staying with her father as often as possible to avoid further hospitalisation.

Miss Pugh stated that Siena is being infected by mould and damp in her home. She can't fight them and ends up in hospital each time.

She doesn't even use her inhalers when she's not at home overnight.

It's really difficult. She used to go to her dad, but there are reasons she can't - and it isn't anyone's fault.

Sienna is currently being assessed for autism and needs her mother to be with her.

Although she has been discharged from hospital, she is not 100%.

Bromford claimed they would find us a home, but the property they gave us was worse than the one we have now.

Miss Pugh was informed about a Cheltenham property that could be a solution to her family's housing problems.

She was shocked at what she saw when she got there to inspect the property.

Miss Pugh stated: I was told that someone from Bromford had visited the property to inspect it before I went. It is hard to believe they would have taken the time to look at it.

All around was mold. It was everywhere, from the windows to the doors.

We went upstairs to take a look at the place and saw that the mould was also coming out of the attic.

"When they opened the bathroom door, the ceiling was so dark it looked like there was a fire. The mould was just coming off the ceiling.

Miss Pugh fears that her daughter might end up in the hospital again before the year ends.

She stated that she knew there was a shortage in housing. This is understandable, but I think they should look into private rental options until a warm and dry property becomes available. It's not too much to ask. Bromford doesn't seem to want to know that there are three private rentals of beds.

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