Texas Holdem Poker Tournament as a Corporate Event

Why not host a Texas Holdem Poker Tournament.

An excellent event for team building is a Texas Holdem poker tournament. It is perfect! I have a quote from a well-known poker player to explain.

Poker transcends any social barriers, such as gender, age, race or professional status. It is the only place where a 21 year old urban male can find common ground with an 80 year-old farmer. Texas Holdem poker is a classic game that brings people together in the most natural manner. Kitchen Billy Infamous poker player in Pittsburgh and beyond, and V.P. Elite Casino Events

How to plan your Texas Holdem Poker Tournament

First, it is illegal to hold a Texas Holdem tournament for profit in any state in the USA. The charging of people to participate in the tournament is considered to be a form of payment or consideration. Any prizes or fees collected would be considered gambling. Learn more about Pennsylvania's definition of gambling here. This does not mean you can't host a Texas Holdem tournament for your team or VIPs. You can, but there are no fees to play or enter. Pennsylvania laws are very strict. It is a good idea to check with your local municipality before you plan any event that is open to the public. Although the rules are different across the USA, the laws in Pennsylvania are the same:

All gaming must be free of charge, no purchase necessary

Poker is as old and as ever-evolving as time.

Many states have not yet figured out whether Texas Holdem Poker is a game that requires skill or chance. It is still disputed that poker is a game of skill or chance. In most cases, it is a matter for perception. If you are hosting an event for your VIPs or team, and don't require them to pay for it, the intention is to entertain. This is the best format for team building events.

Do you have any ideas on how to award prizes?

Yes, because there is no reward/risk or consideration/reward if someone does not pay to play. This would be gambling. One time, we hosted an event for an attorney company that ironically served the local casino. They invited gaming representatives to attend the party. These licensed State employees are responsible for protecting the integrity of play at the state's casinos and other venues. After the party began, I had an interesting conversation about one of these individuals. Because of his job, he was somewhat hesitant to play blackjack. He soon realized that there was no money involved and that it was just for entertainment. I found him playing blackjack, having a great time. Ironically, he was also cheating! It was a party, and it was great fun! He said it with a devilish smile when I caught him cheating. LIKELY EVENTS IN TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER TURNAMENTS