[Two foolish lottery strategies](http://feamie.org/two-foolish-lottery-strategies/)

Many people would agree that there is too much lottery guidance. It's over. Do this. Do not. It is not worth trying to figure it all out. This is how I will enter the shred and play the most awful and regrettable. Today's associate will be Buckeye TV's fiery star, the Ohio Classic Lotto 6/49 lottery.

There are a total of 13,983,816 possible bets in the OH649 lottery. This means that 1 in 13983,816 people has a chance of winning the big lottery stake. Many people use a lottery strategy that doesn't work in their favor to try and win the lottery big stake. It doesn't make sense to a sharp speculator trying to increase his chances of winning the lottery. Let me make my point using logic, sound judgment, and basic math.

Silly Lottery Strategy #1

I'm not really sure what the attraction is, but many people play every odd number in the kbc lottery. They get excited about playing 7-17-23-30-37-49, or 3-11-23-30-37-41. If they had some good lottery programming, maybe they'd soon realize that their canine doesn’t chase as much. This is what I am referring to.

Only 177,100 of all bets are made up of only odd numbers. Although this may seem like a large number, these bets only address 1.27%. They didn't win the big lottery stake, so they lost 98.73% or 51 weeks of the year. They were not even eligible for the lottery. It takes a year to feel any affection!

If you have any questions, the real lottery drawings will answer them. Only a few times have all odd numbers been used in the 279 drawings over 2 1/2 years. This is akin to fishing for marlin in the mud puddle.

Strategy #2: Silly Lottery

You are the truth. You got it. Silly Lottery Strategy #2: Playing all even numbers. The OH649 lottery means that you are in worse shape if you play all even numbers than if you played all odd numbers. There are 49 numbers to choose from, so there are fewer even numbers than there are odd numbers. There are only 134,596 bets consisting of just odd numbers. This is just 0.96%. The player was not likely to win the lottery bonanza, as they didn't have any chance of winning it more than 90% of the time (at each drawing except for Christmas). To hold on to a year in the rush to win the lottery requires more perseverance than most of us.

Again, my point is supported by the measurements. Only a few times have bets been made that were all even numbers in the 279 drawings. The mud puddle has since dissipated.

If you are guilty of using these methods, stop! If you were rushing to win the lottery, wouldn't you enjoy playing the lottery? You never know, but it could be possible. This is what genuine Lottery players do with their great Lottery Software.